Interactive Data Sharing Mechanism for Widget-based Microsites

Allar Tammik
Nowadays it is very common that modern web sites exchange content between each other by means of syndication and aggregation. This is enabled through APIs, protocols, tools and platforms. The recent trend in content processing is advancing towards more extensive use of widgets along with static content. Although web sites usually use widgets to provide added value to their users, simpler web sites like microsites can be built entirely from widgets. Such kinds of widgets are usually stateless, but not necessarily autonomous. In particular they may also be able to communicate with other components in the same web application, including microsites, which are the key focus of this thesis. Because of the loose coupling, the widgets themselves are not able to capture the state of the microsite, whereas the microsite itself usually does not have a mechanism for storing its state. However, messages exchanged during communication, determine the state of the microsite. This thesis describes a solution for storing and sharing the state of a microsite by record- and-replay mechanism for messages exchanged by widgets of microsites. Furthermore, the mechanism also allows sharing the stored state of a microsite between friends via social networks. The latter enables user-initiated inter-application content delivery and state exchange, which has been possible so far only between tightly integrated applications.
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Master - Computer Science
Peep K√ľngas
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