Lightning Fast Business Process Simulator

Madis Abel
Business process management is a discipline to make an organization’s workflow more efficient and more capable of adapting to changes in an ever-changing global environment. Making changes in real-life business processes could lead to undesired results if potential impact of change is not completely analyzed before the changes are applied. Business process simulation is a widely used technique for analyzing business process models with respect to performance metrics such as cycle time, cost and resource utilization before putting them to production. Many commercial state of the art business process modeling tools incorporate a simulation component, e.g. IBM Websphere Business Modeler, Savvion Process Modeler and others. However, these process simulators are often slow, cannot simulate complex real-life business processes and sometimes cannot even deal with large-scale simulations. For example, it is not possible to simulate process models with sub-processes, intermediate events or inclusive merge gateways (Or-joins). The objective is to build a lightning fast business process simulator engine which could also handle advanced constructions in the process models that are used to represent real-life processes. The simulator is designed and implemented from scratch in the Java programming language and it will support the simulation of business process models defined in the BPMN 2.0 standard. This work presents a novel approach to business process simulation field by using the architecture of a scalable and high-performance business process simulation engine. The contribution of this thesis is a set of design principles, architecture supporting simulations of models containing advanced BPMN constructions like loops, sub-processes, intermediate events and Or-joins.
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Master - Information Technology
Luciano García-Bañuelos, Marlon Dumas
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