Creating a multi-level e-learning course by example of robotics

Rudolf Elbrecht
The purpose of this thesis is to create a high-quality, thoughtfully designed new multi-level e-learning robotics course which could be used by different target groups at the same time and which could be expandable in the future perspective. The new course is created on a basis of existing e-learning course “LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT course for beginners”, which did not comply to e-learning quality criteria [6]. Within the thesis, an extensive analysis of the existing course is done, to map all problem areas the existing course has. Also exact new requirements for the new course are specified. In addition, review of different tools of Moodle learning management system is done to determine which suit the best for implementing the new course. Significant part is devoted to aspects of multilevel course creation. During the creation process of the new e-learning course, all necessary prerequisites are satisfied for claiming an e-learning quality label. This thesis consists of four parts. In the first part, the description of exact problem to be solved is provided. The second part addresses the problems of creating a high-quality e-learning course. The third part concentrates on an overview of the existing course structure, and describes the results of the analysis. The fourth part deals with the process of creating a new e-learning course and gives an extensive overview of tools which can be used to create a multilevel e-learning course in Moodle learning management system. In order to keep sustainability and manageability of the new course, manuals for adding new materials to the course have been created as well. These are provided as annexes 1, 2 and 3 of the current thesis. Also an example of old e-learning course’s assessment and the assessment created for the new e-learning course has been provided as annex 4. In the annex 5, the proposed time schedule and acceptance conditions of the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT course for the beginners are given.
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Master - Information Technology
Anne Villems, Taavi Duvin
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