Oliver Meus
The main purpose of the bachelor thesis was to describe electric power meter made by Mindsensors company for the LEGO MINDSENSORS NXT robot and generate a few sample exercises which could be solved using Mindsensors power meter. As a result the bachelor thesis gives overview of the power meter, it’s technical specifications and using opportunities. This thesis also points out important notes which must be taken into account when using the power meter. The most important terms and laws of the electicity were described to help the reader to get better understanding about electricity and operation of the power meter. Slight overview was given of the creation and transportation of the electricity as well. In addition to the theoretical part the bachelor thesis also contains instructions about using the power meter, about connectiong it with the NXT main unit and about programming the power meter in NXT-G environment. Also thee exercises were created which can be solved using the Mindsensors power meter. Each of the exercises contains of a small introduction, exercise itself and a solution. Many real life examples and helpful figures were used in the entire bachelor thesis to make it as easy to understand and remember as possible. Therefore it can be used by persons who are not familiar with the physics of the electricity.
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Bachelor - Information Technology
Anne Villems, Taavi Duvin
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