LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT and the Vernier flow rate sensor

Signe Väikene
LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT and the Vernier flow rate sensor Bachelor Thesis Signe Väikene Summary This thesis aims to prepare material that would help to use the Vernier water flow rate sensor for teaching and to make exercises for practical use of the sensor. The work consists of three chapters. The first chapter introduces the characteristics of water. It also gives an overview of changes involving flowing water in the nature and the factors affecting water flow. The second chapter introduces how the Vernier water flow rate sensor works and gives a overview how to use it, how to configure LEGO NXT Programming software and its use in making measurements. A brief overview of the maintenance after working with the sensor and safety instructions when working near water is also provided. The third chapter consists of varying degrees of practical exercises, which aim to use the knowledge gained in the two preceding chapters when solving them. This work is intended to be used in schools for both teachers and students to make the lessons more interesting.
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Bachelor - Information Technology
Anne Villems ja Taavi Duvin
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