Web Applications for Monitoring Income and Expenses

Mihkel Murov
There is an increasing trend among Estonians to monitor their income and expenses. There are four main web applications for the Estonian market that help in doing that. These web applications can be classified into two groups: applications that are provided by banks, and independent applications. The Estonian web applications for monitoring income and expenses have not been previously studied. By examining the web applications, the author of the current thesis found several shortcomings in these applications. Based on these shortcomings, the objective of the thesis was to propose solutions for these weaknesses by creating a prototype application for monitoring income and expenses. The web applications provided by the banks proved to be good at security, adding and categorizing the transactions, and visual representation of the transactions. The main disadvantages of the applications provided by the banks are the restriction that allows only the clients of the bank to use it, and the lack of the possibility to import the bank statements from other banks. Independent web applications can be used by everybody and they provide the option to import different bank statements. The main disadvantages of independent web applications are related to the security, the adding and categorization of transactions, reliability of importing the bank statements, and the ease of use of the applications. In the second part of the thesis, the solutions for the problem areas were provided by creating a prototype web application for monitoring income and expenses. The source code of the prototype web application is provided in the appendix of the current thesis. The application is available at https://cs.ut.ee/kte/. As an extension of the thesis, the solutions provided in the web application prototype can be used for creating a new web application for monitoring income and expenses, or for improving the existing web applications.
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Master - Information Technology
Vambola Leping
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