Eclipse plugin for analyzing embedded SQL queries in PHP programs

Urmas Tamm
During code development it is crucial to get fast feedback about the correctness of our code. Various hints are given by compiler through warnings and error messages that are displayed in the IDE, e.g. Eclipse. Unfortunately, this covers only the general host-language, in which we write the code. Often we need to use another language to communicate with a specific application domain: e.g. SQL for sending queries to a database engine. By default these SQL strings are not checked statically, although it would be highly beneficial. Alvor is a tool that statically checks SQL queries in Java programs. This thesis presents an extension for Alvor to add PHP support. The key challenge when adapting Alvor to PHP was the dynamic nature of PHP. The solution is therefore limited to operate only within the scope of a PHP function or a PHP script. We evaluated the tool on open-source software and the results showed that it would be most beneficial to use it as a tool to support beginners in learning programming.
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Master - Computer Science
Vesal Vojdani, Aivar Annamaa
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