The Curricula of Computer Science Fields of Education and Training in Vocational Education

Kerli Kuningas
The purpose of the Bachelor’s thesis is to find out the curricula of computer science fields of education and training in vocational education institutions that take place on the basis of vocational post-secondary education. The Bachelor’s thesis covers eleven Estonian vocational education institutions curricula that are available on the Estonian Education Information System. Vocational education curricula are analysed and compared with computer science curriculum in University of Tartu. In addition, the subjects that have a same name in vocational education and in University of Tartu called "Object-oriented Programming", are compared. The results show that vocational education programs differ from university IT training. High relative importance in vocational education is on practical training that forms a quarter of the whole curriculum. It also emerged that in vocational education programming and mathematical subjects are taught less than university. Subject “Object-oriented Programming” is difficult to compare because in each school the content and capacity is different.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Eno Tõnisson
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