Synchronized Document Viewer Development for Mobile Devices

Kevin Nemeržitski
Music teacher informs a student about a music sheet mostly verbally. Instead they could use two mobile devices to display the digital sheet and make remarks on the document. During concerts, musician may have an assistant for turning sheet pages. Many consider this disruptive. Instead, using mobile technology, assistant could use a digital sheet to turn pages within distance (e.g. within audience). This thesis mobile application development aims to resolve issues mentioned above. Existing applications could be used, but those have shortcomings. A multiplatform solution was developed, which synchronizes a docu-ment and remarks on it. Devices can connect using multiple technologies (Wi-Fi, Blue-tooth). Unexpected disconnects are restored automatically. The application is able to re-store its synchronization state if restarted. Third party isn’t able to modify or interrupt the connection, because the connection is encrypted. Devices are able to authenticate each other without a centralized unit.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Kaarel Kruus, Jüri Kiho
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