Digitizing Helmes Professional Development Roadmaps

Oliver Stimmer
Current thesis is about digitizing Professional Development Roadmap in Helmes. Helmes,
an international software services company, strives to have a world leading professional
development for its employees. To achieve this, Helmes has implemented a Professional
Development Roadmap for every software developer. Professional Development Roadmap
is a structured set of competence levels, expectations and recommendations of what, how
and when a developer needs to improve in order to efficiently develop professionally.
Helmes had the Professional Development Roadmaps in the form of physical booklets,
which had several restrictions such as difficulties when updating its contents.

This thesis aims to solve the problems associated with a physical booklet to create, maintain and develop Professional Development Roadmaps. The author applied business analysis for identifying the underlying business needs, analyse the current situation and finally, select and implement a solution that addresses the current needs and problems.

The problems were solved by developing a web application which enables to manage Professional Development Roadmaps and keep track on the employees’ Professional Development Roadmaps. In result, Helmes specialists have latest version of Professional Development Roadmap and it is better to support employees’ professional development.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Fredrik Payman Milani
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