Expanding the Functionalities of VREX

Vladislav Stafinjak
Conducting psychological experiments in the real world has limitations like cost, real world physics, lack of control and many more. Current technologies give us all the needed tools to create virtual environments that are free of these limitations and VREX is a toolbox that tries to use these advantages of technology. During this thesis VREX was reworked and made into a toolbox that is distributed as a Unity project which has all the essential blocks to create new experiments. Functionalities like new locomotion systems and the possibility to use audio files in experiments have been added. Editor view has been reworked and improved and code has been commented to ease the creation of new custom experiments. In addition to well explained code a blank experiment was created that has all the essential building blocks that any experiment needs so that users can effortlessly build their own experiments.
Graduation Thesis language
Graduation Thesis type
Bachelor - Computer Science
Jaan Aru, Madis Vasser, Raul Vicente Zafra
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