Mobile Application to Control a Robot

Arvi Kaasik
In order to secure Estonia’s future as an E-country, pupils are taught programming. One way to teach programming is by organizing different robotics themed lessons. In order to control robot’s behaviour a remote control device is needed. Smart phones and tablets are very commonly used and with this paper results in materials that enable robotics enthusiasts to develop a mobile application that can be used as enthusiast’s robot’s control remote. Raspberry Pi robot developed in Taavi Karelson’s bachelor thesis was further developed by thesis supervisor Alo Peets into a project called NUTIROBOT. With this paper NUTIROBOT project is further developed. For resulting robot Android mobile application is developed. Robot and smartphone communicate using WiFi network using HTTP requests. Raspberry Pi robot is further developed by adding video streaming support and support for reading data from distance sensor. For the mobile application video streaming capacity support, joystick to move the robot and buttons to turn on and of different robot components are added.
Android, Raspberry Pi, Mobile Applications
Graduation Thesis language
Graduation Thesis type
Bachelor - Information Technology
Taavi Duvin, Alo Peets, Anne Villems
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