Migration from Virtual Environment to Physical Infrastructure of Raspberry Pis

Annika Laumets
Many companies use a virtual private server where they have a web server and a mail server. Renting a private server can become quite a big expenditure for a small company. Since many virtual servers are actually running in tower servers, which use a lot of electricity and they are still underutilised, it might be cheaper to use a Raspberry Pi computer. In this thesis, one Raspberry Pi computer was used to set up a web server and a mail server and then the same services were migrated to three Raspberry Pi computers. Two applications written in different programming languages where used and originally were located on a single Raspberry Pi computer. Later a possibility was tested were the same applications were on different Raspberry Pi computers and a main server was also in place acting as a proxy server. In this thesis, Apache server benchmarking tool was used to test the time to serve requests. The request serving time was faster with three Raspberry Pi computers than one Raspberry Pi computer, but one application had some failed requests with the three Raspberry Pi computer setup. Furthermore, the financial gain was calculated when using a Raspberry Pi computer instead of renting a virtual private server. It was found that the gain would be 20€ for a year.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Artjom Lind
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