Case study in Mobile Testing at Playtech Kiev

Yaroslava Malash
The modern digital market of smartphones is growing every day. The smartphone has be-come an important part for many people in their everyday social life. People use mobile devices for different activities, including business and personal needs.
Currently, many IT companies started to be focused on mobile development to provide different mobile solutions for the global market. Mobile software testing is a part of the mobile development process. It became an additional part of software testing process. There are a lot of different procedures, models, test cases and approaches within mobile software testing. This thesis described the mobile testing stare-of-practice at QA depart-ment, specifically for Mobile and Web Service Team at Playtech Kiev.
As a result, of this case study the “Mobile and Web Service Team” received a report with the structured list of suggestions and possible improvements. The QA manager and QA Team Leaders of the “Mobile and Web Service Team” gave feedback on each provided suggestions, approved the most important points based on the team’s priority.
Graduation Thesis language
Graduation Thesis type
Master - Software Engineering
Dietmar Alfred Paul Kurt Pfahl; Darya Alymova
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