Automated testing of Hypermedia REST applications

Philip John
Testing is one essential part of the software development lifecycle and Test Driven Development is one of the main practices in agile methodology. During the development of a RESTful web application, developers oftentimes focus only in testing the business logic and neglect testing the protocol implementing REST interactions. In this context, we propose a tool to automate the generation of test cases that exercise the interactions required by a RESTful application. The tool takes as input user stories written in restricted version of Gherkin, a widely use domain specific language for behaviour driven development. User stories written in this variant of Gherkin capture the essence of the interactions required by a REST application in a way that it is possible to derive test cases from them. Moreover, the tool derives fully functional mock implementations from the same input user story. Such mock implementations can be then used by programmers to develop the client side without requiring the actual implementation of the REST application. This document introduces the design principles and implementation of the tool and presents a study case showcasing its use.
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Master - Software Engineering
Luciano García-Bañuelos
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