Generic Reloading for Languages Based on the Truffle Framework

Tõnis Pool
Reloading running programs is a well-researched and increasingly popular feature of programming language implementations. There are plenty of proposed solutions for various existing programming languages, but typically the solutions target a specific language and are not reusable. In this thesis, we explored how the Truffle language implementation framework could aid language creators in adding reloading capabilities to their languages. We created a reusable reloading core that different Truffle-based languages can hook into to support dynamic updates with minimum amount of effort on their part. We demonstrate how the Truffle implementations of Python, Ruby and JavaScript can be made reloadable with the developed solution. With Truffle’s just-in-time compiler enabled, our solution incurs close to zero overhead on steady-state performance. This approach significantly reduces the effort required to add dynamic update support for existing and future languages.
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Master - Computer Science
Allan Raundahl Gregersen, Vesal Vojdani
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