Quantum Position Verification in the Random Oracle Model

Kristiina Rahkema
Consider a situation where we wish to verify an entity solely by its location. This is called position verification. The simplest form of position verification is distance bounding where the verifier is located in the middle of the provers region, he sends information to the prover and checks how long it takes for the prover to respond. Since this is not always desirable one can place verifiers around the provers region forming a kind of triangulation. This thesis improves on the precision of the quantum position verification protocol form [Dominique Unruh, Quantum position verification in the random oracle model, CRYPTO 2014] i.e. presents a modification of the protocol that is sound for a smaller region. This is done by adding an additional receiving verifier. The previous result uses a two-player monogamy game. We define the three player monogamy game needed for the proof of the new protocol and explain our progress on the proof of this monogamy game. We also compare different three-player monogamy games and prove some results on their winning probabilities.
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Master - Software Engineering
Dominique Unruh
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