Problems and Solutions in Mobile Application Testing

Triin Samuel
In recent years the amount of scientific papers published on the topic of mobile applications has significantly increased. However, few researchers test their assumptions and solutions in industry. This thesis aims to provide an overview of what current scientific literature considers problems and potential solutions in mobile application testing, and compare it to opinions of industry professionals. A literature review is performed to extract the list of problems and potential solutions, after which representatives of six Estonian companies involved in the field are interviewed to verify whether the problems and solutions proposed in the literature are relevant for industry. The study reveals that while the relevance of each problem is highly variable from one company to another, there are some key problems that are generally considered vital both by research and industry. However, the solution concepts proposed by scientific literature are often too theoretical, general or outdated to be of much interest to industry professionals.
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Master - Software Engineering
Dietmar Alfred Paul Kurt Pfahl
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