A Comprehensive Protocol Suite for Secure Two-Party Computation

Sander Siim
Secure multi-party computation allows a number of distrusting parties to collaborate in extracting new knowledge from their joint private data, without any party learning the other participants' secrets in the process. The efficient and mature Sharemind secure computation platform has relied on a three-party suite of protocols based on secret sharing for supporting large real-world applications. However, in some scenarios, a two-party model is a better fit when no natural third party is involved in the application. In this work, we design and implement a full protocol suite for two-party computations on Sharemind, providing an alternative and viable solution in such cases. We aim foremost for efficiency that is on par with the existing three-party protocols. To this end, we introduce more efficient techniques for the precomputation of Beaver triples using oblivious transfer extension, as the two-party protocols for arithmetic fundamentally rely on efficient triple generation. We reduce communication costs compared to existing methods by using 1-out-of-N oblivious transfer extension in a novel way, and provide insights into engineering challenges for efficiently implementing these methods. Furthermore, we show security of our constructions using strictly weaker assumptions than have been previously required by avoiding the random oracle model. We describe and implement a large amount of integer operations and data conversion protocols that are competitive with the existing three-party protocols, providing an overall solid foundation for two-party computations on Sharemind.
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Master - Computer Science
Dan Bogdanov, Pille Pullonen
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