Service Discovery from Uniform Resource Locators of Monitored Web Applications

Levani Kokhreidze
This thesis addresses the problem of analyzing Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) of incoming Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests in a Web application server in order to discover the services provided by the applications hosted by the application server, and to group these applications according to the services they provide. The thesis investigates this problem in the context of the Plumbr Java performance monitoring tool. When the hosted applications are implemented using a known web framework (e.g. Spring), the service name and associated data, such as URL parameters, can be extracted directly from the controller. However, this controller-based service discovery approach, which is currently implemented in Plumbr, is not applicable when the hosted applications use unknown framework. This research addresses the problem in this latter more general setting.
The thesis proposes a pure URL-based approach, where the observed URLs are parsed, leading to sequences of tokens, which are then analyzed using natural language processing techniques and graph transformations. The proposed service discovery technique has been implemented in Groovy and Java, integrated into the Plumbr tool and evaluated on data extracted from production server covering over 400K URLs.
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Master - Software Engineering
Marlon Dumas, Vladimir Šor
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