Python Error Messages in Basic Level Programming Studies

Raigo Kodasmaa

This thesis describes the study of programming language Python error messages in basic level programming studies, which results were the source to an educational material. Thousands of people are taking part in online courses provided by the University of Tartu, where tens of assignments needs to be completed. By default the Python error messages are in English, they are described shortly and consist of many technical details, which makes them difficult to understand for basic level programmers. This master’s thesis focuses on studying Python error messages to explain and simplify them to novice programming learners to develop better understanding of error messages. In order to achieve that a valuable feedback was gathered from Programmeerimisest maalähedaselt online course by conducting a survey and collecting integrated development environment Thonny log files. The most frequently occurred error messages from those log files were extracted and combined with survey results they were a source to an educational material in Estonian. This material includes 7 most common error types and 29 error messages illustrated by 35 programming examples so it can be used in programming online courses as an auxiliary educational material to help novice programmers to complete various assignments.
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Master - Computer Science
Eno Tõnisson
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