Case Study: Optimizing the Automated Acceptance Testing Infrastructure at SaleMove

Priit Danelson
SaleMove is a software-as-a-service company that places a high emphasis on the quality of its software and is therefore constantly looking to improve its software development process. An important part of that software development process is automated acceptance test execution. This thesis presents solutions that optimize the infrastructure related to that important part of the development process in order to reduce the associated hardware costs, reduce the delay in receiving acceptance testing feedback, and increase the infrastructure’s flexibility in dealing with a growing number of acceptance tests.
To achieve these goals, the limitations of the initial infrastructure are analyzed, after which a number of enhancements are proposed. These enhancements are implemented and their impact is evaluated on an experimental duplicate of SaleMove’s automated acceptance testing infrastructure in order to avoid negatively interfering with the ongoing software development. Finally, the enhancements are also implemented on Salemove’s active automated acceptance testing infrastructure and observations are made about the effects of the enhancements in practical usage.
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Master - Software Engineering
Dietmar Pfahl, Carlos Paniagua
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