A Visualization Framework for Designing Process Mining Diagrams

Marit Sirgmets
Event logs hold valuable information about the health of business processes. In order to access this information, raw data must be transformed to a comprehensible format. Process mining tools use various diagrams to support visual exploration of process logs. Designing such diagrams is not an easy task because oftentimes neither the developer nor user know where interesting or intriguing information lays. Therefore, the diagrams require thoughtful designs that on the one hand allow flexible exploration, and on the other hand, are simple and intuitive to use for analysts as well as non-experts. This work takes a look into existing solutions of process mining visualizations and the design decisions the visualizations are based on. A framework is proposed to simplify and improve the design process for process mining diagrams. It is based on data visualization theory as well as visualization practices in process mining. The effectiveness of the framework is tested in a case study.
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Master - Conversion Master in IT
Fredrik Payman Milani, Taivo Pungas
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