Tool Support for Privacy-Enhanced Business Process Model and Notation

Aivo Toots
This paper presents an implementation tool for a Privacy-Enhanced Business Process Model And Notation language (PE-BPMN) that extends Business Process Modal And Notation (BPMN) by adding constructs to specify privacy enhancing technologies to be used in process models. PE-BPMN language allows to visualize the movement and disclosure of private information between participants of business processes. The language is used as a basis for detecting privacy leakages in business processes.
The result of this work, the PE-BPMN editor provides a modelling tool for PE-BPMN. In addition, the tool supports the user by providing analyzers to check the syntactical correctness of these extended models. Syntactical correctness is a prerequisite of further analysis on PE-BPMN models. Currently, there are two analysis implemented. Combined results of these analysis give an overview of whether some information used in the business process is at risk of being leaked. Also, these results give an insight how to improve already existing processes or how to plan more secure new processes.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Pille Pullonen, Luciano García-Bañuelos
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