R Based Smart Home Analysis Solutions

Ako Tõnissoo
In the current bachelor thesis a sample solution for visualizing and analyzing data of in-ternet of things was created. The solution gets the data from one or more OpenHAB data-bases, transforms and visualizes it. OpenHAB, an automation software for smart homes, and R with Shiny package are main tools used to create this solution. The solution con-sists of three main parts, firstly, a dashboard for visualizing the data of the internet of things solution in real time. The dashboard consists of four gauges and two graphs. Sec-ondly, forecast based on ARIMA model. Third part of the solution is finding the correla-tion between values of two devices with Pearson’s correlation coefficient. The solution was tested on the data of the smart home of Mobile and Cloud Computing Lab of the University of Tartu.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Jakob Mass
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