Quantum-Secure Coin Toss Protocol Using Collapse-Binding Commitments

Kristiine Saarmann
Commitment schemes are a widely used cryptographic primitive that is used in a number of important applications, from zero-knowledge proofs to secure computation. In a classical setting, there are canonical security definitions that are proven to provide security against computationally bounded adversaries. Yet, there are no canonical security definitions that are provably secure and easy to use in the quantum case. One such definition for the quan-tum setting was proposed in [Dominique Unruh, Computationally Binding Quantum Commitments, EUROCRYPT 2016]. This paper presents the classical security definitions of commitment schemes, as well as the alternatives in the quantum setting. The advantages of the proposed security definition, called “collapse-binding” are presented, with an exam-ple use case in a quantum-secure coin toss protocol.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Dominique Unruh
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