Low-Quality Fingerprint Classification

Pavlo Tertychnyi
Fingerprint recognition systems mainly use minutiae points information. As shown in many previous research works, fingerprint images do not always have good quality to be used by automatic fingerprint recognition systems. To tackle this challenge, in this thesis, we are focusing on very low-quality fingerprint images, which contain several well-known distortions such as dryness, wetness, physical damage, presence of dots, and blurriness. We develop an efficient, with high accuracy, deep neural network algorithm, which recognizes such low-quality fingerprints.
The experimental results have been conducted on real low-quality fingerprint database, and the achieved results show the high performance and robustness of the introduced deep network technique. The VGG16 based deep network achieves the highest performance of 93% for dry and the lowest of 84% for blurred fingerprint classes.
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Master - Computer Science
Gholamreza Anbarjafari
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