A Set of Exercises for the Subject „Let’s Make Computer Games – Beginning”

Mark Muhhin
„Let’s make computer games – beginning“ is an online programming course offered by University of Tartu. This course is mainly meant for high school students who want to learn the Python programming language and use it to create games.
The last time the courses’ exercises and the studying material had a major update was in the year 2012, which makes aging one of the biggest problems of the course. In the process of writing the following thesis, a new set of exercises was created that would be interesting but at the same time thoroughly test the knowledge of the studying material.
While writing the thesis, the exercises were added to the course with the intention of testing them on a new group of students. During this course, the students were asked to fill in a weekly questionnaire. The information gathered from the questionnaires are then used in this thesis to analyse and make deductions about the suitability and quality of the exercises.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Ljubov Jaanuska
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