Web Application for Learning French Vocabulary

Kadi Kukk
As a result of this bachelor’s thesis, web application was made for learning French vocabulary. In the writing, there have been brought out solutions with all the faults which have been previously in use. After that has been thoroughly described the steps of developing the application. There have been explained the requirements which have been the basis for developing the web application as well as the architectural choiches and used technologies. Shortly has been written about application’s design principles and brought out screenshots about application’s main views with short explanations which functionalities have been solved in the corresponding views. Lastly, there have been pointed out some developments which can be done in the future in order for the application to support learning French vocabulary even more and to be potentially more used.
Graduation Thesis language
Graduation Thesis type
Bachelor - Computer Science
Lidia Feklistova, Kait Kasak
Defence year