Lectures in Introductory Programming Courses

Andro Margens
This bachelor thesis describes the research to the forms of teaching and learning of the introductory programming courses. Academic literature is used in order to make an overview of the following lecture types: live lecture, recorded lecture and video lecture. The extent of the lecture usage in foreign and Estonian higher education institutions is examined. The University of Tartu course "Programming" is under observation. A questionnaire is prepared and then the analysis is performed based on 227 student responses. Furthermore, this research presents what kind of lecture attendance the course participants prefer and what are the reasons for the choices. The ways to participate in the lecture are as follows: lecture, recorded lecture, non-participation, lecture or recorded lecture, lecture and after recorded lecture. In addition, the relationship between the preferred lecture format and the academic achievement is analyzed. Also students' opinions about lectures, lecture points, making notes, use of smart devices and clickers are presented.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Marina Lepp, Eno T├Ánisson
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