A Mobile Application for Simplifying the Management of Agricultural Production and Marketing

Kerttu Talts
As the result of this thesis, the mobile application AiaAbi, running on an Android platform, was created. The application helps the horticultural business Amorella Aiand OÜ to better manage the operational phases included in growing and marketing agricultural products, and to monitor weather conditions. Before, necessary calculations were done manually and data was recorded on paper, which was time-consuming and difficult to manage. Many mobile applications have been created for large-scale farmers and gardener hobbyists, but the number of applications that could be used by small businesses growing horticultural produce is limited. No such application exists in Estonian. When comparing the current applications in the market meant for horticulture, it became evident that there was no application to meet the needs and wishes of Amorella Aiand. In order to guarantee sustainable development, to follow the expectations and wishes of the business and to receive feedback, regular meetings with the business were essential. In order to determine the problems of the application and to guarantee high quality, the usability of the application and user experience (UX) were tested. Taking into consideration the suggestions received during testing, the author made adjustments and gathered additional ideas for further development of the application. The application created, running on an Android platform, can be used to enter plant cultivation tasks that are cyclical and recurring into a task planning calendar and to make notes of the weather conditions. The application enables the user to create conclusive tables of all the data entered. Amorella Aiand uses the application for necessary tasks and to make summaries. The aims of further development, amongst others, are to connect the application with the weather service's data and to enable adding photos to simplify monitoring plant growth.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Jakob Mass
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