A Specification of Layer-Based Information Security Management System for the Issue Tracking System

Mari Seeba
Organizations need to provide trust when entering into the new market, applying for new clients or partners or fulfill regulative requirements. ISO27001 standard and certification is the best known and the most adopted information security framework for verifying information security process compliance. Standard gives best practice guidelines to establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve the information security in the organization.
Author has created the layer-based information security management system process, and proposes it to be integrated into issue tracking system. Thesis uses ISO27001 processes and goals analysis to derive layer-based ISMS tool specification for issue tracking platform. The specification is detailed on the level that is needed to validate the Jiras' ability to fulfill the specified requirements to get the organization in compliance with ISO27001 standard requirements. The results of this thesis may be used to develop an independent product for information security management on Jira platform.
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Master - Conversion Master in IT
Raimundas Matulevičius, Ahto Buldas
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