Software Infrastructure and Course Design of a Robotics Course

Janno Jõgeva
This thesis covers the design and development process of a robotics course. The course in question serves as an entry point into the field of robotics in the University of Tartu. The design of the thesis draws on the ideas of educational action research and the infrastructure of the course on the software development and information technology operations practices (DevOps). Cycles of improvements, which are core to both of these practices, are in tune with the rapid evolution required of a modern robotics course.
Infrastructure as code, version control systems, and incentive towards continuous integration are all used in the development process. The two runs of the course covered by the thesis have advanced the knowledge of more than a hundred students in some of the modern tools and technologies used in robotics. Altogether, the development of the course has helped to reinforce the line-up of students and instructors available for projects and
more advanced courses in the Institute of Technology and the university as a whole. The author, being the lecturer in charge leading the development the course and also pushing for the use of new technology and maintaining chosen solutions. The thesis serves as an organised documentation on the evolution process and reasoning for the choices made.
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Master - Computer Science
Eno Tõnisson
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