Most Effective MVP Methods: Case Study of Five Successful Estonian Startups

Kadi Pung
This research aims to explore the methods used to find MVP scope for software products in Estonian startups. At first, the possible importance of the MVP phenomenon for software products has been provided. Furthermore, MVP's definition, its use as well as criticism are discussed. Additionally, methods that are most often used for prioritizing features for MVP such as 5 Whys, MoSCoW, Kano, 80/20, Prioritization Matrix are described. Furthermore, a case study research method is used. The paper is based on five in-depth open-ended inter- views with successful Estonian startups. The flexibility of the interviews ensures explora- tory kind of the research in the field of MVP. Purposive sampling is chosen up to the point when a diminishing return from the interviews is reached. Five case studies include Bolt Business, Novastar, 1oT, Hundred5, and Codemagic (by Nevercode). Based on the analysis, suggestion for other companies for MVP is to copy as much as possible from successful competitors, ask and trust customer feedback while being flexible enough to re-prioritize and act fast based on need to find the product-market fit.
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Master - Conversion Master in IT
Evgenia Trofimova
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