Applying ServiceNow in Procurement Management: A Case Study at Playtech

Tiivi Klooren
Applying ServiceNow in Procurement Management: A Case Study at Playtech
Abstract: Playtech is an online gaming software provider offering products and integrated solutions to operators across the globe. For keeping its existing production sites operational and building new ones to support the company’s business objectives, continuous procurement activities are required. There is currently no specialized procurement software in use at Playtech, but due to the growing complexity and the increasing workload such approach is no longer sustainable. The purpose of this thesis is to validate the ServiceNow procurement module for Playtech’s procurement management needs. The thesis describes the current procurement management tools, processes and problem areas and gives an overview of the ServiceNow software. Nordtest method is applied to process the validation task, resulting in a software validation report. The procurement module is tested based on two main workflows. The results ascertain that ServiceNow off the shelf procurement module does not meet the set requirements and based on the accompanying analysis it is concluded to not be a viable option for Playtech’s procurement management needs unless it will be subject to thorough customization and development.
Keywords: ServiceNow, procurement, software validation, Nordtest, Playtech
CERCS: P175 Informatics, systems theory
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Master - Conversion Master in IT
Anne Villems, Taavi Ilp
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