Modeling Business Processes on a Blockchain Ecosystem using CMMN

Svitlana Filipova
Blockchain has been speculated to be “the most important invention since the Internet” and has the potential to deliver significant business value for both financial and non-financial industries. That is why companies have started to explore how their business processes can benefit from this technology. However, a simple substitution of a current process with new technology will not provide desired outcomes. For this purpose, process redesign is used where process models are made the basis of process analysis and its innovation. This paper examines how blockchain-oriented processes can be modelled with CMMN as it is an artefact-centric modelling language. Such an approach might be particularly useful while modeling blockchain-oriented processes as the fundamental focus of blockchain is on data that is added on a chain and shared between participants. This paper is based on a case study of a non-profit organization providing certification services for companies trading timber-relates products. The auditing process of this organization was redesign using blockchain and smart contract technologies and then was modelled with CMMN. For analysis of the suitability of CMMN for modelling blockchain-based processes a framework for commonly occurring patterns that are specific to blockchain-based applications was used. As a result, CMMN can adequately represent blockchain-oriented processes. However, there is a lack of elements in the notation to accurately model certain details specific to blockchain and smart contract technologies.
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Master - Innovation and Technology Management
Fredrik Milani, Luciano García-Bañuelos
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