A New Approach of Video Ingestion Processing for Entertainment Systems

Oleksandra Tkalich
The process of secure and fast delivery of media content is a complicated and highly requested in the sphere of development of entertainment software. The main goal of this thesis is to create and integrate a software approach that is well developed, reusable, will satisfy customer's requirements, needs, solve customer’s problem of secure media files preparation for further ingestion on board of the aircraft and to provide a description and overview of the full integration process of the created delivering media tool by author of this thesis. This thesis is based on the real case scenario and contains real-life customers with code implementation that will be reused in the future projects of the company.
The purpose of this paper is to provide information about resources that have been used to develop this approach, provide the software solution for the customer’s request and compare the state of the software before and after implementation.
Another purpose is to compare the created product with already existing ones and show the advantages of such solution.
Graduation Thesis language
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Master - Software Engineering
Amnir Hadachi
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