SpatialData IO: A Web-based Spatial Data Customization Tool for Collection of Area of Interest Information

Partha Sarathi Kar
To get services from some spatial data analysis service provider, a user often needs to specify the area of interest (AOI) to the provider in some spatial data format. The user has multiple ways to express their wish to collect AOI information. One is writing all information in a file according to the spatial data format or download datasets from the world wide web. Due to the technically detailed structure of spatial data, first one is too complicated and time-consuming for a non-specialist to write manually; for example, writing location information for 1000 buildings, roads or rail line of a city. On the other hand, a full dataset may include unnecessary location data, few of them may be small, big or over-lap with other objects. Additionally, data can be in different data formats, e.g. geojson, kml, shp etc. So it is quite challenging for the user to quickly understand and modify the spatial data according to their need. The goal of this thesis is to develop a free and open-source user-friendly web solution for non GIS specialist end-users so that they can solve above-mentioned problems graphically with the help of performing different spatial operations in the background. After processing those data end-users will be able to visualize and check the processed data on the map and it will be available for download in different spatial data formats as well. The expected outcome of this application is to provide a graphical solution for the user to perform different geospatial operation for collecting in-formation for the AOI. That will help users to send clean and specific information regarding AOI to their desired providers.
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Master - Software Engineering
Juhan-Peep Ernits, Dietmar Pfahl, Andreas Kiik
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