Robotic Automation of University Admission Processes

David Meshvelashvili
Increasing competitiveness forces organizations to be more efficient and service-oriented. Continuous digitization and automation of the business processes are among those solutions which can help companies to achieve those goals. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a new emerging and one of the fastest developing tools. It is a combination of hardware and software technologies, dedicated to automating manual tasks and do things very simple. Still, it is considered that RPA is new technology and there are very few empirical studies and research papers in academic and research databases. Therefore, this study is exploratory. The study discovered that Robotic Process Automation technologies can bring immediate value by automating repetitive tasks including, report creation, mail automation and data migration. Robots and Robotic Process Automation technologies cannot just benefit organizations, but also are becoming one of the key competitive advantages for the organization across the globe, which stands with machine learning, data analytics, process mining, artificial intelligence etc. This paper will be a good example of successful implementation of this technology and will help to get an overall idea about RPA opportunities.
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Master - Innovation and Technology Management
Marlon Gerardo Dumas Menjivar
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