A Fully Data On-chain Solution for Tracking Provenance of Handcrafted Jewellery

Ivan Ojiambo
Blockchain and Smart Contract have been widely adopted in a number of business do-mains and some of the recent ones include medical records management, tracking of di-amond and many more. The reason for using blockchain, is because it enhances trust through transparency and also the data stored on the blockchain is resilient to tempering. It’s based on the above premise that this paper aims at building an application that uses blockchain to track the supply chain of handcraft jewellery. Tracking the supply chain of a product involves storing complex data at each and every stage of production and there-fore this may require databases that can store complex data structures in order to capture all the details of the data. However, most of the blockchain platforms can only store data using key-value databases. Using key-value type of databases, data can only be saved using a data key and it’s impossible to perform data operation such as data aggregation yet such data operations are of great importance when making business decisions. Hy-perledger fabric is an enterprise blockchain that can be extended from using a key-value database to using couchDB, a NoSQL database with the ability to support complex que-ries. In this paper we investigate the capability of Hyperledger fabric’s database by stor-ing the provenance data for the handcraft jewellery onto the blockchain (onchain). We present a case of Soko, a company that sells handcrafted products and wants to ensure transparency in the supply chain of its products. Finally, we conclude by discussing our findings and comparing our solution with the previous solution where they use both conventional databases and blockchain to store the provenance data.
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Master - Software Engineering
Luciano Garcia-Banuelos
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