ValChrom – Software Tool for Validation of Chromatographic Analysis Method

Grace Okolo
Quality assurance is an important aspect in all industries. Most products and services are legally obligated to undergo some quality checks before they are sold to consumers. This concept also applies to the field of analytical chemistry. The results of chemical analysis can only be accepted if the analysis follows a method that has been proven to produce correct results. Analytical methods are the blueprints that determine how the analysis should be performed, therefore they need to be carefully validated before use. Analytical method validation has received attention from regulatory bodies and expert groups who have developed guidelines by which methods should be validated. Now, analytical chemists can validate their methods using these guidelines to prove that they are fit for their intended purpose.
Analytical method validation is no easy process and it involves a lot of tasks that are currently being done manually. This creates room for error and can make the process slower and so, more expensive. Consequently, the Institute of Chemistry at the University of Tartu initiated the development of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution called ValChrom, that will solve the prominent problems faced in analytical method validation. This thesis presents the development of the client-side application of ValChrom. The author discusses the rationale for the project, the development lifecycle of the application and how the requirements where elicited and specified. The author presents the system design and implementation and discusses future works and possible improvements to the delivered product.
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Master - Software Engineering
Marlon Dumas, Koit Herodes, Asko Laaniste
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