Programming Courses Taught in Estonian Upper Secondary Schools

Eleriin Rein
The purpose of this thesis is to give an overview of the computer science courses taught in Estonian upper secondary schools, the issues that might hinder or complicate the implementation of the courses and the potential solutions to the described problems. The author focused on programming courses, their content and the programming languages covered during the course. The list of gymnasiums was combined from the lists on the websites and and with the assistance of search engines the contacts for each school were found. Two forms were created, one of which was filled by the vice principal to get a broader overview of the courses and the other for the teachers of these courses to get more information on the topics covered in the courses. The form was filled by 50 schools. Based on the gathered data, an overview was given on the programming courses, the topics covered in the courses and the issues that were mentioned by the teachers. An overview was also given of the informatics courses created by HITSA and their formats, which might solve some of the problems that were brought up by the teachers.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Tauno Palts
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