Managing IT Change in Public Sector. Case-study Analysis of Implementation of Cost Accounting System

Jaanus Karv
The aim of this master`s thesis is to evaluate the suitability of Business Process Reeingineering model for carrying out information technology change management in public sector development projects, using the example of implementation of cost accounting system in budgetary process of the Republic of Estonia. An updated model has been put together, which helps to follow the steps needed to complete development projects and to manage and carry on information technology change management in public sector. Business Process Reengineering model has been previously used mostly in private sector, here it was taken for basis to create a suitable theoretical prototype model for the public sector development projects. The updated model provides the necessary methodological approach and helps to map the necessary inputs. In addition, it can potentially reduce chaos in IT change management.An updated theoretical model can be further refined in future research with significant elements and could serve as a basis for more efficient management of IT change in public sector.
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Master - Conversion Master in IT
Erkki Leego
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