Teaching Functional Programming in Idris

Karoliine Holter
Over the last ten years, functional programming has developed and moved forward. The Bachelor's work aims to examine whether the dependently typed language Idris is a suitable language for teaching classical and modern functional programming subjects in a bachelor's degree. To this end, the practical tasks of the course that were based on Haskell and mainly covered the traditional functional programming topics were adapted to Idris. It was examined which new topics could be added to the curriculum by introducing Idris. The work presents the fundamental differences between Haskell and Idris in the scope of the subjects covered by the "Programming Languages" course and introduces programming with dependent types in Idris. Based on the work, it was concluded that Idris is a suitable language for teaching functional programming at a bachelor's level.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Kalmer Apinis, Vesal Vojdani
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