iOS Application for Monitoring and Supporting Training in Billiards

Karl-Jonathan Lellep
This paper introduces billiards background and works on a problem that is present in individual training. The problem is difficulty noticing technical errors and limited progress upon reaching a certain skill level. There are various methods available to deal with this issue; one of them is using smart devices. This thesis proposes using a smartwatch to track shot motion and compile feedback based on the collected data. This thesis aims to create a prototype application (on iOS and WatchOS) and a machine learning model that together would recognise data representing shot motion from a continuous stream of motion sensor data. An independent player tested the tools created and gave positive feedback. Collecting motion data representing billiard shots was reliably possible using the tools developed in the scope of the thesis. The data collected will be used in the future development to create a model that will give feedback based on shot performance.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Artjom Lind
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