Renewal of Homework in the Basic Course of Programming in the University of Tartu

Mihkel Pae
In University of Tartu, home assignments in the course Programming (LTAT.03.001) have been unchanged from year to year. Therefore sharing homework solutions among students is a common occurrence. Plagiarism would be more difficult if lecturers had more assignments to choose from. In this thesis the current assignments are examined to determine which tasks are too demanding and which tasks are unchallenging or even redundant. Afterwards a large number of tasks will be created for each topic to improve upon these issues. The author gives an overview of other basic MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)-based programming courses in the world and compares them to the programming course of the University of Tartu. When creating a set of tasks, the principles of creating tasks are described and it is explained how to use these tasks technically.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Reimo Palm
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