Design and Development of an Automated Website Test Management Tool at Rocketlab OÜ

Laima Anna Dalbina
Rigorous testing of web applications is one of the most important activities ensuring that all components perform as expected. This can be achieved by regression testing where the existing software components are tested when a change is introduced. Manual testing-based practices where scripts and the generated reports are stored in different locations can be tedious and may introduce errors. With the increasing amount of web applications being developed, it is essential that a test management platform exists, that centralizes test execution and reporting. The current thesis addresses the design and development of an automated test management tool within Rocketlab OÜ. The tool is designed as a web application to introduce automated testing within a unified environment. The frontend, which is the primary focus of this work, is developed in React and the backend is handled by Python. The tool environment enables testers to plan and automate the execution and reporting of the tests. The tool also aids in mitigating human-induced errors that might be introduced during extensive manual testing. In addition, it provides a platform for all test projects and the possibility for the clients and inexperienced testers, to execute the tests as well. This leverages transparency between the client and the company. The test management tool bears the potential to be integrated within Rocketlab OÜ to manage multiple testing projects and ensure time-efficient reporting. The tool can also be commercialized by Rocketlab OÜ.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Prof. Dietmar Alfred Paul Kurt Pfahl, Armin Haller
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