BibRank: Automatic Keyphrase Extraction Platform Using Metadata

Abdelrhman Elsayed Hassan Eldallal
Automatic Keyphrase extraction is the process of automatically identifying the essential phrases from a document. Keyphrases are used in crucial tasks such as document classification, clustering, recommendation, indexing, searching, and summarization.
This thesis introduces BibRank, a new semi-supervised automatic keyphrase extraction method that exploits an information-rich dataset collected by parsing bibliographic data in BibTeX format. BibRank combines a novel weighting technique of the bibliographic data with positional, statistical, and word co-occurrence information.
We have benchmarked BibRank and state-of-the-art techniques against the dataset. The evaluation indicates that BibRank is more stable and has a better performance than state-of-the-art methods.
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Master - Computer Science
Eduard Barbu
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