Exploration of Techniques to Visualise Code Quality

Miron Storo┼żev
As the size and complexity of the software increase, it becomes more challenging to maintain the quality of the code. Various static code analysis tools have been developed to help software engineers to find inefficiencies in the code. However, most static analysis tools focus on specific parts of the development and not the project as a whole, thus failing to provide a general overview of the code quality.
The goal of the thesis is to develop a software tool to visualize the code quality of an entire project. Requirements for the application are elicited based on the interviews conducted with different stakeholders in digital transformation company Nortal. The application is developed on top of GraphifyEvolution static code analysis tool, but the architecture of the application allows the addition of other static analyzers. The application is evaluated by conducting interviews with various stakeholders. Interviews show that the tool can be used in a real production environment by developers and scrum masters.
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Master - Software Engineering
Dietmar Alfred Paul Kurt Pfahl, Kristiina Rahkema
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