Evolution of Video Games Online Course

Mark Muhhin
Within this thesis a 3 ECTS course called "Evolution of Video Games" was created for a broad target group. Throughout the course various topics related to the field of video games are covered in a compact form, to which separate programs and courses have been dedicated.
A total of 10 topics were designed for the course, that are taught through instructional videos, written material, assignments, tests, a studying game and a debate. The thesis describes the structure of the course, the choice of the material and the learning outcomes of the tasks. The web-based debate and the LVLup! video game museum virtual tour based studying game are described in more detail.
The last third of the thesis presents an analysis of the results of the feedback collected during the piloting of the course, which examines the students' opinion on the choice of topics, study material, tasks and course structure and usefulness. The analysis also compares the effectiveness between tests and the studying game in the effectiveness of acquiring learning outcomes.
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Master - Teacher of Mathematics and Informatics
Raimond-Hendrik Tunnel
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